Yoga in English

Yoga in English

06. 01. 2018  |  

We offer yoga classes in English: Wednesday 10 am vinyasa yoga with Tomáš - Prague 2, Thursday 7:30 am morning yoga with Dana - Prague 1. 

Reservations can only be booked by Energy Studio Members. If you do not own a membership, come in about 15 minutes before the lesson begins.

If you want to buy Energy Studio Membership, you will fill in the basic information about you at the reception desk, the receptionist will sign a contract with you and you can practice without limitations according to your options. Membership is valid for one or both of our yoga studio centers. Payment can be made for a selected period of 3, 12 months in total, or after monthly installments. Under the annual agreement, it is possible to interrupt the contract for a maximum of 1 month. You must pay a cancellation fee if you want to cancel the contract earlier then expiration. A simplified membership contract is written in English.

Punch cards are valid for both yoga studios and are unlimited and portable from person to person. It is not possible to book reservations with punch cards.

At the Energy Studios reception you can pay in cash in Czech crowns, or Euros (euro according to the current rate indicated at the reception) or by credit card. Membership payments can be paid by transfer from your account.